UX Design

Our design team will create the perfect user interface to ensure the best customer experience.

Application Design

Functional application design, followed by a technical assessment to define the application structure and technologies required.


Application development performed by a team of experienced senior developers using scrum methodology.

Back-end development

Back-end development following a modular and scalable design to ensure optimal response time and easy housekeeping.


Consultancy on how to achieve mobile strategy, reusability of existing platforms and best market practices.

24/7 Support

Existing support team in English and Dutch will keep the applications up and running 24/7.

Mobile retail experience

Mobile Payments

In-store payment using different payment methods and platforms.


Customer can create a shoppinglist at home and retrieve it from the smartphone app.


Possibility to send electronic coupons to customers

iBeacon location-based messages

Send push messages to customers based on location

Pushed promotions

Show push promotions with rich media on the smartphone

Mobile Loyalty

Increase customer loyalty

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